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An Irish Airlines was formed by merging Teorantan and Aerlinte Eireann Teoranta in 1935 and 1947. They provided services of air in Ireland, the US and Canada.

The airline's inaugural flight took place on May 27, 1936, and it began in Dublin and concluded in Bristol. Within the same year, the route was expanded to London. Before World War II, other flights went to Liverpool and the Isle of Man as their destinations. Following the conclusion of the war, service was initially established in Paris and Amsterdam, and it would later be extended to other towns across Europe. 1958 marked the beginning of the first transatlantic services, which originated in Dublin and continued to New York and Boston via Shannon International Airport. Yes, we are discussing Aer Lingus; come aboard, and let us introduce you to the Irish international.

Early Years:

Flag carrier Aer Lingus serves Ireland. International Airlines Group (IAG) now owns 100% of the company, established by the Irish Government and privatised between 2006 and 2015. The airline's main office is located in Cloghran, District Dublin, on the grounds of Dublin Airport.

Aer Lingus is a former member of Oneworld, which it left on March 31, 2007, having been founded in 1936. Aer Lingus was anticipated to rejoin Oneworld following its acquisition by IAG. Oneworld and many other airlines have codeshares and interline agreements with the airline. Airline Aer Lingus operates a hybrid business strategy, offering a mixed pricing service on European routes while providing full service on transatlantic flights.

Aer Lingus equity held by Ryanair and the Irish Government totalled nearly a quarter of the company's value before IAG purchased it. The state had held an 85 per cent stake in the company before the Government decided to list it on the Dublin and London stock markets. In addition to Aer Lingus Limited, many other firms are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Aer Lingus Group.

After months of talks over a possible takeover, the Irish Government agreed to sell its 25% stake in IAG. Aer Lingus is still owned by Ryanair, which holds a 30% interest. The airline's shareholders have officially accepted IAG's offer to acquire Aer Lingus. On September 2, 2015, IAG took over control of Aer Lingus.

Under the Air Navigation and Transportation Act, the airline was founded as the national carrier. To accept financial responsibility for the new airline and Ireland's complete civil aviation infrastructure, the Irish government established Aer Rianta in 1937. Aer Rianta, a subsidiary of the Irish government, became the sole owner of Aer Lingus.

Service During The War:

Following World War II, Aer Lingus restored flights to London. Aer Lingus planes, which were predominantly Douglas DC-3s, were given a silver and green paint job. The first flight attendants were introduced by the airline.

By signing a new Anglo-Irish deal, British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways received a 40% stake in Aer Lingus, giving them exclusive UK traffic rights from Ireland. Aer Lingus' expansion led to seven new Vickers Viking planes in 1947. These planes, however, were quickly found to be unprofitable and were subsequently sold.

Airline Éireann was established in 1947 to provide transatlantic service from Ireland to New York City. Despite the airline's order of five new Lockheed L-749 Constellation planes, the service could not begin because of a government change and a financial crisis.

During this time, Aer Lingus began flying to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Manchester. The airline became one of the first to purchase Vickers Viscount 700s due to its growing route network. Bristol 170 Freighters were added to the airline's inventory in 1952 and continued in service until 1957 when they were retired. In 1954, Prof. Patrick Lynch was named chairman of Aer Lingus and Aer Rianta, which he held until 1975.

The Aircraft Service From 90’s To Current:

Shannon to New York was the first transatlantic flight for Aerlnte Éireann. In 1960, Aer Lingus was renamed Aerlnte Éireann. Aer Lingus purchased seven Fokker F27 Friendships, used to displace Dakotas on short-haul flights to the UK until 1966 when it switched to used Viscount 800s. With the arrival of three Boeing 720s for operation on the New York-Boston route and Boston's newest Aer Lingus destination, the airline entered the jet age.

Aer Lingus now has a fleet of Aviation Traders Carvair where they use the nose of these planes to carry five cars into the aircraft's fuselage. Growth in auto ferry services rendered the Carvair unprofitable for the airline, and the aircraft was relegated to freight transport until it was scrapped. Using the Boeing 720s on transatlantic routes proved a success for the airline. In 1964, Aer Lingus received its first more significant Boeing 707, and the type served the airline until 1986, when it was retired.

After World War II, the European fleet began to be outfitted with modern jet aircraft in 1965. The following year, a substantial green shamrock was painted on the airplane's fin, giving the airline a fresh look. Aer Lingus added Montreal and Chicago's routes in 1966. Belfast to New York City flights began in 1972 but was quickly halted as the Troubles broke out in Northern Ireland. In 1969, Aer Lingus started using Boeing 737s on its flights from Dublin to London.

An Aer Lingus Jet 747-400 for transatlantic service was delivered to the airline. The firm eventually purchased a third 747 for its fleet, but it swiftly offered it for lease because flying 747s all across the Atlantic was not first lucrative for the company. As of 1974, Aer Lingus's fuselage titles no longer read International or Irish, but only Aer Lingus. Besides the white shamrock on the fin, the livery consisted of two blues and one green.

So that Aer Lingus could service larger cities in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Aer Lingus Commuter was founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary. After performing a trial with the Short 330, these services decided to use five of the Belfast-built Short 360. During this period, Aer Lingus acquired a majority stake in Aer Turas, a cargo airline with a fleet of DC-8 freighters.

Six Fokker 50s were introduced to the Commuter fleet as replacements for the aging Boeing 737s. Aer Lingus reevaluated its operational policies following the passing of the airline deregulation act in Ireland.

Operation Of Airbus:

The Airbus A330 was used by Aer Lingus to begin direct flights between Dublin and the United States. A330-300 ETOPS service across the North Atlantic was first flown by this aircraft. After 25 years of service, the Boeing 747 service was discontinued. Since then, Aer Lingus Boeing 747s have carried nearly eight million travelers across the Atlantic. Aer Lingus returned to Belfast in the late 1990s with a route to New York City through Shannon Airport. However, these flights were canceled in 2001 as Newark Liberty International Airport was established.

While first mostly used for flights between Dublin and Heathrow, Airbus' first short distance aircraft, A321, arrived in 1998. The Aer Lingus Commuter service was reintegrated into the mainline airline. On September 11, 2001, the attacks on the United States badly harmed the company. Airline staffing and destinations were decreased, as was the size of the aircraft fleet, as a result. With these measures in place, the airline survived and returned to profitability, in part by cutting costs, modernizing the fleet with new Airbus aircraft and expanding its service to European cities. Previously, Aer Lingus had mostly ignored Europe in favor of destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite having transcontinental flights, it discontinued Business Class service on all but a few short-haul routes in order to compete with European no-frills airlines.

The Boeing 737 was able to be phased out after the delivery of these planes. Aer Lingus has retired its last two Boeing 737s, signaling the beginning of an all-Airbus fleet for the airline.

Aer Lingus will begin its first scheduled flight to Asia from Dubai International Airport. In spite of the Aer Lingus news release claiming that it was the first long-haul service outside the United States, there had actually been a previous service to Montreal from 1966 to 1979. The 5,926 kilometer (3,682 mile) great circle distance is comparable to Chicago's service. It was also Mannion's plan to link the purchase of new long-haul aircraft to a privatization of American Airlines. Because of the newly liberalized transatlantic market, Emirates decided to discontinue service to Dubai in March 2008.

With the purchase of six of the brand-new A350-900 aircraft from the European manufacturer, Aer Lingus deepened its ties with that company. Three older models were replaced and three new ones were added to the fleet to help with long-haul transportation. The A330's first deliveries began. As a result, Aer Lingus decided to replace the three remaining A330 orders with A350-900s.

Floatation And Expansion:

Conditional share trading commenced in 2006, and the company was legally admitted to the OTC market in 2007. the government of Ireland still owned 28% of the company, with employees holding 15% of the stock at the time of flotation Aer Lingus withdrew from the Oneworld airline alliance and entered into bilateral arrangements with various airlines, including but not limited to British Airways. According to Aer Lingus, it repositioned itself as a low-cost carrier, which did not fit with Oneworld's pitch to the premium international frequent flier.

A new alliance with JetBlue has been announced by the airline. As a result of this new partnership, Aer Lingus customers will be able to purchase JetBlue flights through the Aer Lingus website. Aer Lingus had planned to extend its route network following its IPO on the stock exchange, but the current economic climate has forced that decision to be shelved.

In a statement, the airline said that it would open its first base outside of the Republic of Ireland at Belfast International Airport. To connect with British Airways' network at Heathrow, Aer Lingus worked with its codeshare partner British Airways to reinstate service from Belfast International to London Heathrow Airport.

After five years, Aer Lingus has announced that the airline will move its operations from Belfast International Airport to George Best Belfast City Airport. Flights from Belfast to London Heathrow have been relocated to the new hub. On March 31, 2013, the airline also began service to Faro and Málaga.

During The Crisis 2020:

The Department of Foreign Affairs placed travel bans due to COVID-19 and that all flights will continue to comply with rules from the HSE, WHO, and EASA.

Airline Aer Lingus told the HSE and the Department of Foreign Affairs that a passenger had traveled with COVID-19 on Milan-Linate to Dublin on February 28th. An additional 4 Cabin Crew members from Aer Lingus have also been isolated from the flight. Flights from Aer Lingus to Northern Italy were halted the following day, and the ban was extended on March 10th to all routes to Italy.

Ireland was initially exempt from a European travel restriction announced by President Trump of the United States. Following the announcement of network-wide reductions, Aer Lingus' intention for the most extensive summer schedule in its history was scuppered due to the global pandemic that struck.

According to Sean Doyle, president of Aer Lingus, the industry will take years to recover. Later, Aer Lingus revealed that it was seeking further temporary wage cutbacks and adjustments to work standards in a cost-saving exercise, indicating that its 2021 schedule would be at least 20% lower than projected.

The Corporate Tour:

The freight division of Aer Lingus is called Aer Lingus Cargo. It uses space set aside in the cargo holds of passenger planes. Aer Lingus Cargo serves all routes from Dublin and Shannon to the United States. Additionally, IAG Cargo provides cargo services to many European destinations and select ways to the United Kingdom. An agreement between Aer Lingus and Irish regional airline Stobart Air allowed Stobart Air to use the Aer Lingus Regional name, livery, and flight code on its flights. All of Stobart Air's old routes were transferred to Aer Lingus with their flight numbers, and the airline never operated any flights of its own. Aer Lingus and BA CityFlyer took over the services from Stobart Air, which had been placed in liquidation.

Aer Lingus took a no-frills approach to its business, blending the best of a typical legacy airline with the low-cost advantages of a low-fare carrier. Short-haul and long-haul flights have different service offerings, with free meals only available on long-haul flights. After a lengthy negotiation with the unions, Aer Lingus agreed that lower costs and a reinvention of the airline were vital for its survival. The airline's reputation was tarnished by the union concessions that resulted from the discussions.

The headquarters of Aer Lingus may be found in Fingal County Dublin, on the grounds of Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) rebuilt an existing structure to house Aer Lingus.

Some Important Facts:

Saints Name For Planes:

Although jet names are becoming more and more prevalent on airplanes, Aer Lingus is the only airline to honor Irish Catholic Saints. The airline began naming its aircraft after battles fought during World War II to foster a sense of national pride, giving their A320s names like St.Fachtna and St.Fidelma. Since Aer Lingus has a long history of naming its planes, some of these names have been reused. St.Laurence O'Toole on a 737-300 from the 1980s is now the name of one of the airline's newest A330s.

The Airbus A320 is the most frequently flown aircraft by Aer Lingus, with 34 jets flying over Europe. There are 13 A330-200s owned by the Irish flag carrier, which is their largest aircraft in terms of passengers and range.

Dublin As Hub:

In addition to the A330s, Aer Lingus operates four aging and out-of-date 757-200s that travel to various U.S. locations, including Dublin to Toronto and Shannon to Boston, daily from Dublin. These planes also fly to numerous Spanish destinations, like Malaga.

ASL Aviation Group leases Aer Lingus 757s, all over 22 years old, from Aer Lingus. For those who don't know, a wet-lease is a renting arrangement in which one airline, Aer Lingus, provides an aircraft, service, whole crew, and insurance to another airline, this being ASL. For their services, Aer Lingus pays ASL for fuel, airport fees, taxes, and every hour of operational time. That's a good thing for both airlines!

The A321, which, like the A320, flies to various European destinations, is the company's final aircraft. There are only three A321s in Aer Lingus' fleet, and they're all over 20 years old. The airline crammed 212 passengers into a cabin with only 17-inch seat width and 29-inch legroom. Aer Lingus plans to replace the 757 with four A321 long-range aircraft by 2021.

Although Ryanair carries more people than Aer Lingus every year, they are still the national carrier of Ireland. The Air Navigation and Transport Act of 1936 established the airline as the national carrier of Ireland approximately six months after it was founded.

When Aer Rianta was established in 1937, the Irish government hoped that it would aid both Aer Lingus and the country's whole civil aviation infrastructure. One year later, the government purchased the national carrier, which it retained until 2015 when IAG acquired it, the business that is now its parent.

Every week, Aer Lingus operates 860 flights from Dublin. Still, it also has significant hubs in Cork and Shannon in the south of Ireland and Belfast George Best airport in Northern Ireland. The base in Belfast services only London, Malaga, and Faro. More than three times as many destinations as Belfast, Cork flies holidaymakers around eastern Europe, notably Spain, and Shannon, the only Aer Lingus core city that provides transatlantic service.

Shannon offers daily transatlantic service to Boston and New York for as little as 181 Euros, making it less expensive than flying from Dublin to these two major American destinations.

The 757-200 now flies these routes from Shannon, but the new A321 LR will take over in 2021, meaning that Aer Lingus' fleet will only consist of Airbus, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.

Largest Airline at Heathrow:

Since London Heathrow serves as a hub for Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, 75 million passengers pass through the airport each year. Aer Lingus, in reality, is the third-largest airline flying into London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) after Emirates and United. Aer Lingus was the third most popular airline at London's busiest airport because of daily flights from Dublin and other focal towns.

All Aer Lingus flights from Dublin to London Heathrow use Terminal 2, more often known as the Queen's Terminal, at Heathrow Airport. Fun fact: Only a few months ago, Skytrax named Terminal 2 the world's best terminal.

Service Over Countries:

Currently, Aer Lingus flies to 92 different airports in 24 other countries because of its expanding fleet and itineraries. Aer Lingus offers a total of 16 separate transatlantic itineraries.

While Aer Lingus has a wide variety of European routes, the most popular destination outside of the UK and Ireland is Spain. The ten ways that connect Ireland to Spain, extending from Santiago de Compostela to Barcelona, serve a variety of destinations. Holidaymakers from Ireland flock to sunny Spain in droves to enjoy the sand and sun of the country's sandy beaches.

Aer Lingus' Dublin to San Francisco flight is the company's longest. Depending on the direction of the wind, the flight can take between 10 and 11 hours to complete. The Airbus A330-200, despite its size, is the longest-range airliner in the Aer Lingus fleet.

Good news! They made the announcement about the new alliance in January, along with American Airlines. If you wish to fly to or from the United States, you will have more flight options available to you, which will make booking your trip much easier.

Customers flying with them will now be able to book codeshare travel on American Airlines flights departing from Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Albuquerque, New Mexico, (ABQ), Nashville, Tennessee (BNA), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA), San Francisco (SFO), San Jose, California (SJC), and Tucson, Arizona (TUS).

Aer Lingus Multi City Flights - Frequentl Asked Questions FAQs

1. I've already booked a reservation, where can I find the seating?

Ans. Yes. In Manage Trip, you may see the seats you've reserved, if any. To see or manage your trip, you only need to know your booking reference and family name.

2. What is a seat pitch?

Ans. A seat pitch refers to how far apart two seats are, based on their distance. Seat pitch measurements for Aer Lingus flights will vary based on aircraft type.

All of our transatlantic planes include Business Class seats 22 inches wide and recline flat. Our economy class seats measure 17-18 inches wide and 31-32 inches long on all Airbus planes. Aircraft operated by Emerald Airlines on Aer Lingus Regional flights have a seat pitch of 29-31 inches.

3. How to make changes in the bookings?

Ans. No, you can't change your seat online at this time. When possible, our agents will assist you in rescheduling your heart.

4. Is pre-bookings available if they are made through agents?

Ans. No. Adding seats to a third-party booking such as a travel agent or tour operator cannot be done online. If you have any questions, please contact the third party.

5. What is the guarantee for my reservation?

Ans. We'll do our best to accommodate any requests for specific seats in advance, and in most cases, you'll be seated in the location requested. However, we can't always promise a particular seat in specific operational scenarios. Even if you've already boarded the plane, we have the right to reassign or assign seats at any moment. This may be required for reasons of efficiency, safety, or security.

6. Are there seat belt extensions available?

Ans. Yes. All of our planes have seat belt extensions. No reservations may be made in advance. However, a member of the cabin crew can assist you if necessary. Exit row seats will be unavailable to those who require a seatbelt extender.

7. Is extra seats available for purchase in Aer Lingus multi city flights?

Ans. Yes. Additional seats can be purchased online or at your local reservations office, both of which offer the same level of service. In addition to the other fare, additional taxes, fees, and administrative costs are included in the price. If you purchase additional tickets on a flight within Europe, you will not be entitled to a baggage allowance.

Please be aware that the Economy Class armrests do not fully retract into the seatback on transatlantic flights, and a second economy seat may not allow you to spread out and use both seats. Retractable armrests are standard in Business Class.

8. Does Aer Lingus multi-city flights provide free app download?

Ans. Aer Lingus Play is free to download and use on your mobile device. Create your custom playlists right away by downloading the app and using it.

9. Does Aer Lingus multi-city flights provide in-flight entertainment?

Ans. All A321LR and A330 aircraft currently have in-flight entertainment. Customers can download and utilize a new app, called Aer Lingus Play, onboard our A321LR and A330 aircraft starting in early 2017.

10. Is Wifi secure in Aer lingus multi city flights?

Ans. Yes. It's just as safe as using free Wi-Fi in a hotel or coffee shop. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a secure website (HTTPS) will remain closed.

11. How to do mobile phone billing queries of Aer Lingus multi-city flight booking?

Ans. Our service provider, Panasonic, has a portal where we may access our billing information. Your cell carrier is the one who charges you when you travel outside of your own country, and charges should be discussed with them directly.

12. What is the altitude in Aer Lingus multi-city flights where I can surf the internet?

Ans. At 10,000 feet or around 20 minutes after takeoff, Wi-Fi is active. During takeoff and landing, it is deactivated.

13. What is the bandwidth and speed of data available in Aer lingus multi-city flights?

Ans. You may expect a maximum upload speed of 5 Mbps and a top download speed of 1 Mbps. You should expect the same download and upload speeds as utilizing a land-based public Wi-Fi network.

14. Does Aer Lingus provide alcoholic drinks for free?

Ans. We can provide you with a delightful complimentary dinner on every transatlantic journey. Anyone who has dietary restrictions can take advantage of the unique menu options. Drinks and snacks from our Bia line are also available for purchase at the bar.

16. What are the restrictions on the personal item size?

Ans. According to Aer Lingus, passengers traveling solely with cabin baggage can only bring one main bag and one personal item into the aircraft. They say that your primary bag must fit in the sizer and so be readily placed in the overhead compartment, according to this rule.

17. Does Aer Lingus multi-city flights provide headphones?

Ans. There is no charge for long-haul flights and a €5 charge for short-haul flights. If you wish to use your single-prong headphones, they sell adaptors, but I don't know how much they cost. Hello there, dallas52. For the headphones, I've never been charged anything by Aer Lingus.

18. What is the carry-on policy of Aer Lingus?

Ans. One free carry-on and one personal item, such as a pocketbook or laptop bag, have been offered by Aer Lingus in the past.

19. Do blankets are available in Aer Lingus multi-city flights?

Ans. This cost does not include blankets, headphones, or luggage, which are optional extras that customers must pay for. Instead of the previous low-cost option, Smart Fare consists of a 23-pound bag, a seat selection blanket and headphones.

20. Does priority boarding is available in Aer Lingus?

Ans. Priority boarding for your carry-on luggage can be purchased when you book your ticket or later in the Manage Trip area, subject to availability.

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