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TAP is a well-known flag carrier in Portugal. TAP's fleet is instantly recognizable because of its brightly colored livery. As a result, you may not have taken one of their flights from the United Kingdom, as one might expect. TAP Air Portugal flights are only likely to be on your itinerary if you're flying to or through Portugal. To wrap up this post, we'll talk about one of the best destinations you can fly to from TAP Air.

Lisbon Airport serves as the headquarters and hub for the state-owned flag carrier airline TAP Air Portugal. TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugals) has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2005 and flies to 90 destinations in 34 countries on average every week. Only 22 of the company's 100 planes are made by Bombardier and ATR, which operate on behalf of TAP Express, a regional airline.

The Past:

In 1945, the company was established. International flights were quickly added to the company's schedule. The first flight from Lisbon to Madrid took place in September. There were a lot of Douglas DC-3s back then. The company was quickly privatized after being founded by the government. Throughout the airline's history, there has been a constant back and forth between private and public ownership. The Atlantic Gateway Consortium holds a majority stake in the former legacy carrier, which is now a semi-private company. David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue and WestJet, is in charge of the group.

The airline's relationship with Portugal's former and current colonies has been significantly impacted. As the primary carrier between Portugal and its former colonies, the company faces little competition. Angola and Mozambique's 1976 independence is an excellent example of how these routes are still relevant today. The airline had to sell the two Boeing 747s that served the country due to decreased demand.

The European Players:

These days, passengers flying to Europe are likely to consider Ryanair, EasyJet, and Lufthansa as their top choices. On the other hand, TAP Air Portugal has long served as a link between the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto and other European cities. Additional flights to cities like Barcelona were added, and frequencies to cities like Rome, Madrid, and Milan were increased due to the company's expansion. Lisbon has developed into a reasonably well-connected town in recent decades. At least half a million passengers will be carried by airlines each year.

The Facts:

TAP Air Portugal was the only European airline to fly exclusively with jets for the first time in European aviation history. From 1946 to 1964, it took the airline nearly 20 years to transport one million passengers. Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro was their first transatlantic route, and it was inaugurated in 1960 as expected. Transaero Portugueses (TAP) officially changed its name to TAP Air Portugal in 1979 so that the airline's name would be more easily recognized by international travelers and shed its colonial roots.

TAP erected a museum to commemorate its 40th anniversary, featuring artifacts relating to the airline's past. The museum, which initially focused on TAP Air Portugal, is still open today and now includes information about other aspects of the aviation industry. It's called Museu do Air, and it's in the lovely town of Sintra. TAP Air operates a fleet of only Airbus planes, and some of its subsidiaries do, however, use various aircraft types. TAP Air and Iberia are the leading European airlines linking Europe to Latin America.

The Portugal Stopover program offered by TAP may enable you to stay in Lisbon or Porto for no additional cost. If you're flying from Europe or Africa, you can add a stopover to your itinerary at no extra cost. If you book a connecting flight in Europe, you may also be eligible. When COVID-19 broke out, the airline was flying 2,000 planes per week. A total of 61.8% of TAP AIR Portugal's flights were on-time in 2019. However, there is room for improvement.


For the first time in recent history, TAP became a public limited company rather than a public service and began service to Tangier and Casablanca. The Lockheed Super Constellation four-engine pressurized airliners were purchased in late 1955 and immediately used on TAP African scheduled services between Luanda and Lourenço Marques. The Super Constellation was credited with significantly reducing flight times compared to the previous aircraft.

In 1955, the airline made a groundbreaking transatlantic flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company has transported more than 1.3 million passengers. Its fleet has flown thousands of hours, and its route network will span 14,000 kilometers by year's end. A joint venture between TAP Air Portugal and Panair do Brasil and Varig, called Voo da Amizade, was launched in Rio de Janeiro as TAP's first Brazilian destination. With five stopovers, a 19-hour flight from Lisbon to Goa was added to the network.

The Era of Jets:

TAP became the first airline to fly the early twin-jet airliner Sud Aviation Caravelle, built in France for the airline. These were initially deployed on some of the airline's most challenging European route options. New services were introduced that year between Lisbon and Las Palmas, but also Santa Maria in the Azores.

TAP commercials were shown in the background at night in Rossio Square, Lisbon, in June 1968. A millionth passenger was transported by the airline in 1964, roughly 18 years after it first started flying passengers. TAP purchased its first Boeing-built jetliner, the 707, in the following year. Two years later, the short-haul Boeing 727 would join the ranks of successful jetliners. When TAP's first flight to Brazil took off in 1966, it did so on the same day and at the same time as the historic South Atlantic crossing by Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho in 1922 aboard the hydroplane Santa Cruz, which landed at Rio de Janeiro's Galeo Airport. On this day, the path to Brazil was opened.

Becoming the first European airline to fly solely with jets was significant. In 1969, service from Santa Maria Island to New York City began, and two years later, Boston was added to the New York service. Lisbon Airport was chosen as the new location for the airline's headquarters in 1971. TAP received the first of four Boeing 747-200s the following year. It was the first European airline to completely overhaul the JT9D thrust reverser, which powered early Boeing 747s. An impressive 32 modern aircraft were in service by the end of the decade, flying to more than 40 destinations.

TAP became the first European airline to perform major comprehensive overhauls on Boeing 747 engines in 1974 after introducing a new computerized system for handling bookings, load control, and check-in, known as Tapmatic.

The Fleets Of TAP:

On top of the new service between Lisbon and Barcelona, TAP has expanded its operations to include stops in Milan and Rome. Atlantis, the airline's first in-flight magazine. A museum honoring the airline, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 14th, 1985, was also opened to commemorate the first time it carried 2 million passengers in a single year.

Long-haul Boeing 707s and 747s were phased out in the 1980s in favor Lockheed L-1011 TriStars and Airbus A310s. TAP began using Boeing 737-200s on short-haul flights for the first time. It introduced a brand-new fare calculation and ticketing system in 1988 to great acclaim. A satellite connection was also made that year, making this the first airline to use land-air datalinks. TAP's charter subsidiary, Air Atlantis, was established in 1985 and flew Boeing 707, Boeing 727, and Boeing 737 jetliners to most European cities.

For the first time, the airline was reported to have carried three million passengers in 1991. TAP and Delta Air Lines had a code-sharing agreement for North Atlantic service that expired in 2005. Service to Boston from Terceira Island began in 1996, as did service to Macau and TAP's internet portal launched in the same year. Bangkok and Macau service was discontinued in the following year after service began in Punta Cana.

TAP's fleet was expanded in 1990 by selling its older planes and replacing them with newer aircraft from the Airbus line. Airbus A340s took the place of the TriStars that had been sold to Air Luxor. TAP became an Airbus-only operator due to these changes, which it claimed also made its fleet more cost-effective and versatile. As a result, the airline had launched a continuous cabin modernization and renewal program to implement ever better service. Smoking was outlawed on TAP's first Blue Flights.

In Recent Years:

TAP Portugal was renamed and TAP Air Portugal was rebranded. TAP became a member of the Star Alliance in 2005, which was also the anniversary of the airline's 60th birthday. New code-sharing agreements with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines were signed as part of TAP's Star Alliance membership. United's code is placed on transatlantic and some African flights operated by TAP Air Portugal as part of this agreement. TAP Air Portugal's code is set on United's flights operated by United.

Portugal's regional airline, Portugália, was purchased by TAP Air Portugal in 2006 in a deal with Espirito Santo International. A code-sharing agreement with US Airways has also been established on all routes connecting Lisbon with the United States via Newark and Philadelphia.

TAP Air Portugal was awarded the NATO AWACS Maintenance Program's Best Engine/Aircraft Source of Repair in 2007. Maintenance and overhaul facilities for TAP Air Portugal aircraft are located in Portugal and Brazil. The airline also maintains specialized line maintenance facilities in Europe, South America, and Africa. A regular service to Moscow, Warsaw, and Helsinki was launched in June.

TAP outsourced its passenger service system to Amadeus's Altéa system in 2008. Before the switch to Altéa, TAP used a Delta-derived system called Tapmatic that had been in use since 1972.

After Marrakesh and Algiers were discontinued in 2017, TAP introduced two new routes to Africa in 2010. The launch of these new routes demonstrates the carrier airline's commitment to Africa's growth strategy, which has grown from 236,000 to 541,000 passengers since 2001, an increase of more than 129 percent. New long-distance routes to Miami and Porto Alegre were inaugurated in 2011.

Privatization For Second Time:

Many of Portugal's businesses were sold to secure a three-year national bailout, including the state-owned airline. Because of the airline's strategic location, several international operators expressed interest in buying it.

Portugália's Beechcraft 1900D was replaced by two ATR 42-600s when the airline announced in 2014 that it would purchase two more for the subsidiary. In 2014, the Portuguese government planned to relaunch the privatization of the flag carrier by selling its controlling stake to one or more prominent investors. An initial 66 percent stake was set aside for its 7,500 employees, with the remaining 5 percent going to shareholders.

Thousands of TAP Air Portugal flights were canceled in 2015 due to a pilot strike lasting over a week. In 2015, the Portuguese government decided to sell the TAP Air Portugal Group to the Atlantic Gateway consortium and seized command of 61 percent of the flag carrier's stock. TAP Air Portugal was required to keep Portugal as the carrier's primary hub for at least 30 years under the memorandum that the new owner signed. The consortium that secured the company's privatization in June 2015 promised to purchase 53 new Airbus aircraft for the airline, including 14 wide-body A330s and 39 narrow-body A320-family aircraft.


As part of its renationalization plan, the new left-wing government signed a deal with the Atlantic Gateway Consortium in February 2016, stating that the Portuguese government-owned TAP at 50%; the consortium at 45.5%; TAP's collaborators and employees at 5%.

According to a statement made public in 2016, as part of the company's ongoing restructuring efforts, TAP Air Portugal announced that Portugália Airlines would be renamed TAP Express on March 27, 2016. Portugália's entire fleet of planes will be replaced with new aircraft in 2016, with a TAP Air Portugal-like livery. Also, in that month, TAP announced the discontinuation of long-distance flights to Panama City, Manaus, and Bogota, along with European relationships with Hanover and Zagreb.

Azul Brazilian Airlines received two new Airbus A330-200s in June of this year, one for Boston and the other for JFK, and both were used for the new service. Both of these new routes and those to Miami and Newark from Lisbon and Porto bolstered the airline's presence in the United States. TAP Air Portugal's flights to the United States increased to 30 per week.

TAP Air Portugal, the national airline of Portugal, is based in Lisbon. Transport services are offered domestically and internationally, including to and from North America, South America, and Africa. TAP also flies cargo on five all-cargo routes and carries it in the belly of its planes when passing under the flag of Portugal. Since 2005, TAP has been part of the Star Alliance.

For the first time since TAP Portugal's privatization was approved by the Portuguese Government, Brazil's Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Económica has voted to sell a 61 percent stake of TAP to Atlantic Gateway, a consortium of investors. Atlantic Gateway and the Government signed an agreement to split the ownership of TAP, with the Portuguese Government holding a majority stake of 50 percent. The deal was supposed to be finalized in 2016 by both parties. The initial ownership transfer agreement was approved by the National Civil Aviation Authority, stating the sale of Atlantic Gateway SGPS's majority stake is in accordance with EU regulations. The ownership agreement was expected to be finalized by the middle of 2017. Workers at TAP Portugal have completed the sale of 5% of the company to them.

The Brand:

After launching its TAP With Weapons Wide Open campaign, TAP began airing it on February 28th, 2011. TAP celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2005 by unveiling its current logo and livery in conjunction with its Star Alliance membership. As a result, the airline changed its name from TAP Air Portugal to TAP Portugal in the 1970s. TAP reverted to its previous moniker in 2017 after a brief hiatus. The airline was founded in 1945, and the first logo was created. The TAP acronym was written to the left of a blue wing.

Cabin Services:

In light of this, we thought we'd take a look at the different levels of service that TAP Air Portugal provides on its flights to assist you in making an informed decision. TAP Air Portugal offers three classes of transatlantic service based on its flagship Airbus A330neo aircraft.

Executive Class:

TAP Air Portugal's new Executive Class on the Airbus A330neo features 34 lie-flat Recaro seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access. Authentic window views can be heard from every theatre seat, but even-numbered seats are closer to the center aisle. There are 20.5-inch wide seats in Executive Class, with a 42-inch recline, all upholstered in luxurious patterns and fabrics.

TAP's anti-allergy pillows are twice that of previous TAP pillows and have replaced blankets with plush wrap-around duvets. In Executive Class, providing other services reflect the tradition and shows the quality of Portuguese fabrics. Portable electronic devices can be charged using the 115V AC sockets on each seat. Over 100 movies and shows can be watched on the large touch screen monitor in front of each chair.

Portugal Catering:

TAP Air Portugal has put a great deal of effort into it when it comes to in-flight food and beverage. The Executive Class customers of the company can pre-select their meals before the flight. TAP Air Portugal's menus highlight the best of Portugal's cuisine, including regional specialties and traditional desserts. Every dish on the menu is prepared using locally sourced ingredients, served on Portuguese porcelain, and accompanied by an exclusive selection of Portuguese wines.

Xtra Economy:

TAP Air Portugal follows in the footsteps of airlines like Emirates by emphasizing what it refers to as EconomyXtra. TAP Air Portugal's Airbus A330neos feature 96 seats with extra legroom in a 2-4-2 layout. Each Recaro seat accommodates passengers with a width of 17.72 inches and a fold-down of 34 inches.

Portugal Economy:

Despite the airline's excellent value, TAP Air Portugal's standard economy class on long-haul flights isn't too bad. TAP Airbus A330neos has 168 standard seats in a 2-4-4 configuration in economy class. Each standard economy seat has a width of 17.72 inches and a pitch of 31 inches for passengers. All centers are equipped with a 12-inch elevated touch screen monitor and an electrical outlet for recharging your portable devices.

TAP Baggage Fees:

There are times when a longer trip necessitates checking a bag. TAP Air Portugal may charge you for checked baggage depending on the class of ticket you purchase. Let's look at how much you can expect to pay in terms of luggage allowance and other fees.

A carry-on bag weighing up to 23 kilograms is allowed on all international flights. The fee for checking a bag is additional. A bag that weighs no more than 23 kilograms/50 pounds are permitted to be checked on economy fares'. The cost of this checked bag varies depending on the route you take and when you buy it. Pre-booking your checked bag when your ticket purchase saves you money over checking it in online. €30 is the starting point, and prices go up from there.

The Services:

TAP Air Portugal offers low fares and a wide range of destinations, so you can fly to Portugal or anywhere else. If you're looking to book a more complicated fare or prefer having the assurance of excellent customer service, you might want to go with another airline instead of FlyTAP and may be the best option if you're looking for a cheap travel method.

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Frequently Asked Question

1.How to know the delay of Air portugal flights?

Ans. Your email and phone number should be provided during the booking process so that we can notify you of any changes.

2. What is the sufficient time to use the connecting flight?

Ans. There is a minimum estimated time for all connections between flights to ensure a seamless transfer. You're locking in your exact arrival time when you book your flight.

3. How to get flight delay compensation?

Ans. Please get in touch with the TAP ground handling agent at the airport for any operational issues. You can always look up your rights as a passenger.

4. How to change my connection flight?

Ans. If you need to change your connection flight at the airport, don't hesitate to get in touch with the TAP ground service agent.

5. What is the goal of Fast track service?

Ans. Getting through X-rays and security checks faster and easier is the goal of the Green Way or Fast Track service.

6. Who are accessible for premium class?

Ans. Star Alliance Gold members and a guest; TAP Miles&Go Gold and Silver members and a guest; and TAP Miles&Go Silver. Members of the Platinum Visa or Corporate Top cardholders who travel on the TAP network

7. What are the services available in the premium class?

Ans. The TAP Premium Lounge at Lisbon Airport is an area designed for rest, leisure, entertainment, and work. Computers, printers, and Wi-Fi are all available in our digital kiosk, where you can also access international TV, newspapers, and magazines. Free food and beverages.

8. What is premium boarding in Air portugal?

Ans. TAP's Premium Boarding service is the quickest and most convenient way to board a plane. Long-haul TAP flights departing from Lisbon's airport are given priority boarding.

9. What are the instructions to follow at the boarding gate?

Ans. Intercontinental flights board 45 minutes before departure; European flights board 30 minutes before departure. Unless you arrive at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before departure, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get on your flight.

10. How to get the details of the departing flights from the terminal?

Ans. Your electronic ticket has all the information you need about the airport and the departure terminal. Those travelling on TAP should contact TAP directly for any questions or clarifications.

11. How to book in flight meals?

Ans. In Executive Class, you can pre-order your main course by logging in or entering your reservation, selecting the appropriate flight and placing your order.

12. Do special meals are available?

Ans. Yes. TAP Air Portugal offers a variety of dietary options to suit your needs. If you have a flight reservation and request a special meal up to 24 hours before departure, you can do so. If you want to use this service, you can request it online, via our Customer Service Center, at a Click counter, or through your travel agency.

13. Which economy class gets free meals?

Ans. There is no additional charge for meals in Economy Class when flying to or from any country. We'll have our Inflight Sales Menu available on your short-haul flight if your long-haul journey includes a stop in Europe or North Africa.

14. Do inflight services available on sales?

Ans. Our economy class in-flight sales service is available on flights to and from Europe and North Africa, and ATR flights do not have access to this service.

15. What are bonus miles and status miles?

Ans. You earn Status Miles every time you fly on TAP and one of the Star Alliance airlines and TAP Miles&Go Miles as Bonus Miles. Travellers can only use TAP Miles&Go Silver Client and TAP Miles&Go Gold Client status miles for status purposes; they do not increase your account's available balance for award redemption.

16. Do miles can be earned on all tickets?

Ans. Air miles can be accrued for air travel on TAP and partner airlines and tickets issued in your name and at public fares. For whatever reason, TAP reserves the right to limit or eliminate participation in the TAP Miles&Go Program for certain types of products/tickets, payment methods, and passengers.

17. How to claim the missed miles services?

Ans. During the six months that follow the date you used the service, you can reclaim any miles you may have lost. Please use this form to request that your miles be credited to your account. Until your miles are credited to your account, it's best to hold onto the original documents.

18. How to confirm the credit of the miles program?

Ans. Your TAP Miles Go Number and the name associated with your profile must be entered correctly every time you book a flight to ensure that your miles are credited. The miles will be added to your account automatically in this manner. In addition, you can use this form to request a mileage credit.

19. How to accumulate miles from the flights?

Ans. Passengers can accumulate miles accrued within six months of receiving the service. Please use this form to request that your miles be credited to your account. Until your miles are credited to your account, it's best to hold onto the original documents.

20. What are the electronic devices used onboard?

Ans. Using TAP in flight mode or an equivalent profile with Wireless and Bluetooth disabled allows passengers to use their portable electronic devices (PEDs) the entire flight.

●When flying, there are a few rules you should follow:

●While the plane is still in flight, using a mobile phone or other PED that transmits data is permissible.

●Laptops and larger personal electronic devices (PEDs) must be safely stored in the overhead compartment when the plane is taking off or landing.

●Whenever PEDs are placed in overhead lockers or, if requested by the crew, they must be disabled.

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