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Italian airline Alitalia is the country's largest and serves 23 Italian cities and a total of 70 destinations around the world. The airline's dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction and its high level of professionalism has helped it build a solid reputation. Travelers on Alitalia flights can enjoy Italian-style comfort and elegance in a refined environment. Let’s find out how the Airlines faced turmoil and get back to thrift huge business than ever before.

The quality of its service, the attention to the passenger experience, the high level of professionalism, and the consistent training of its crew, service technicians, and all its staff have always been the hallmark of Alitalia. The distinctive Italian style of comfort and elegance is always present onboard Alitalia's aircraft. Magnifica guests enjoy all-aisle seats, upholstered in leather, converting to true flatbeds, reclining a full 180 degrees, and large15.4 inches. LCD screens provide on-demand audio & video, including movies, music, and games. Ferragamo delivers amenity kits with personal care items.

The excellence and exclusivity of the service onboard Alitalia are also distinguished by the sophisticated dining experience with award-winning menus featuring regional Italian cuisine and tableware designed by Richard Ginori. Alitalia's commitment to enhancing Italian cuisine in the world through the onboard dining experience has received the award for Best Airline Cuisine for ten consecutive years (2010 to 2019). The readers of Global Traveler Magazine gave the award for the quality of the meals served on board. The principal accolade follows an extensive, in-depth air traveler survey in the magazine by nearly 30,000 frequent flyers who were asked to comment on excellence in the travel and tourism industry.

The Beginning:

It was founded on September 16, 1946, as Aerolinee Italiana Internazionali (Alitalia). After an agreement between the Italian and British governments, it was funded by Italian and British European Airways in a 60/40 split with 900 million lire in the capital. Alitalia is an Italian portmanteau of the words ali and Italia and is the most common name for the airline. On May 5, 1947, it began operating, and in that year, it carried more than 10,000 passengers. From Turin to Catania and Rome, Virginio Reinero flew the first flight in a Fiat G.12 Alcione.

The first flight connecting Milan with South American cities took off a year later. The four-engined Savoia-Marchetti SM.95 airliner served on European routes until 1949. It was renamed Alitalia – Linea Aeree Italiane after merging with Alitalia. The Italian Ministry of Treasury and other shareholders owned Alitalia, such as its employees and Air France-KLM.

Alitalia began using jets on some European routes in 1960 and the Douglas DC-8 on some long-distance routes by the end of the decade. Alitalia operated the Vickers Viscount, a four-engine airliner with propeller-turbine propulsion, across Europe in the 1960s.

Twenty-five million passengers were transported by Alitalia annually in the 1990s. It became a member of SkyTeam in 2001 after establishing a regional subsidiary in 1997 called Alitalia Express. With plans to merge with Air France and KLM, Alitalia announced in November 2003 that it would lay off 2,700 employees in the next three years. After Gandalf Airlines went bankrupt in April 2004, Alitalia bought the failing regional carrier to gain additional slots at several European airports, primarily Milan (Linate) and Paris.

Alitalia and KLM formed a strategic partnership aimed at merging. Malpensa, along with Amsterdam and Rome Fiumicino, was a goal of the association.

Intercontinental flights to and from Malpensa will be relocated to Rome-Fiumicino, where Alitalia has announced a nearly halving of its hub. Malpensa had been Alitalia's primary hub for intercontinental flights before this announcement. March 2008 was the final month of transition from Malpensa to Rome-Fiumicino. All flights to and from Rome-Fiumicino were discontinued, including those to minor intercontinental destinations that had previously only been served by Malpensa as a hub.

Aerea Italiana - Compagnia:

A group of investors formed the Compagnia Aerea Italiana syndicate to acquire the bankrupt Alitalia – Linee Aeree Italiane and merge these with Air One, another bankrupt Italian carrier. Pilots and flight crew members reacted angrily to CAI's offer of €1 billion to acquire a portion of the bankrupt airline. Alitalia's bankruptcy administrator accepted CAI's offer with permission from the Italian government, which was the airline's majority shareholder.

The operation was described in a diplomatic cable released by the United States in 2011: Alitalia was taken over by a group of wealthy Berlusconi cronies under the guise of preserving the company's Italian identity, leaving the debts to the Italian taxpayers. During the middle of the game, the bankruptcy rules were changed to meet the government's requirements. Although Berlusconi managed to pull off this one-off, he is likely to have cost the Italian government a fortune.

Launched operations of the new Alitalia Air France-KLM purchased a quarter of Compagnia Aerea Italiana from its owners for €322 million. After 2013, Air France-KLM was granted an option to buy additional shares, subject to certain conditions.

According to official documents about the new Alitalia Group, the new Alitalia did not claim the old Alitalia's history as its own. Instead, they emphasized that they were a completely different company and refused to recognise former Alitalia-LAI employees' benefits, such as discounted tickets and passengers' claims against the old Alitalia.

There were several planes that the new Alitalia didn't own. The majority of CAI's Alitalia-owned planes were either sold or decommissioned. When Alitalia-CAI was founded in 2008, most of its aircraft were leased from Aircraft Purchase Fleet, an Irish company owned by Carlo Toto, former owner of the bankrupt Air One.

The first anniversary of Alitalia's reopening was celebrated. During its first year of operation, it handled 22 million passengers. A total of 25 million people were transported. Workers at Alitalia have voted to go on a four-hour strike in a dispute over wages. Alitalia's first strike since its relaunch took place today. A projected 2.4 million passengers were expected to pass through the subsidiary in 2012. The subsidiary transported 1.4 million passengers in 2011. The initial plan was for Air One to operate primarily out of Milan Malpensa; however, as of January 2013, they were also flying out of Catania.

A possible merger between Alitalia and Meridiana Fly, another Italian airliner, has been discussed. There was no merger. Alitalia and ENAC have announced the introduction of a first-of-its-kind safety card with braille and 3-D relief characters. It has been reported that Alitalia has begun integrating with two other Italian airlines, Blue Panorama and Wind Jet. Italy's antitrust regulator allowed Alitalia to acquire Wind Jet, but Alitalia would have to give up slots on domestic flights in exchange. Alitalia canceled the August 2012 plans a few days later in the face of this.

An operation known as Operation Clean Hold netted 49 arrests at Rome's Fiumicino airport and another 37 at airports all over Italy and the world. Almost all Alitalia employees were caught on camera, and they were all charged with aggravated theft and property destruction. Italy's civil aviation authority threatened to ground the airline unless it received a €500 million rescue package, including a €75 million investment from Italy's state-owned postal service.

Aerea Italiana - Societa:

A 49 per cent stake in Alitalia was officially confirmed by Etihad Airways, the UAE's national carrier based in Abu Dhabi. New Alitalia-SAI, 49 per cent owned by Etihad Airways and 51 per cent owned by the former Italian shareholders of Alitalia-CAI, took over all of its operations. At the beginning of 2017, Alitalia announced that it would end its joint venture with Air France-KLM due to a lack of mutually beneficial benefits.

Most of Alitalia's flights from Pisa, including Moscow, were canceled in late March 2016, but many countries decided to continue flying to Olbia and Rome, despite the cancellations.

As a result of the refusal of Alitalia employees to accept a job-cutting proposal, the airline announced it was going to enter bankruptcy proceedings. Alitalia was allowed by the Italian government to file for bankruptcy. After the government decided against nationalizing the airline, it was auctioned. One possible buyer for the airline is EasyJet. A bid from Ryanair had been considered when its flight cancellations caused a flurry of interest, but it was subsequently withdrawn due to the ensuing chaos.

A formal letter of the intent expressed interest from Delta Air Lines and Easyjet in acquiring Alitalia. As of March 2019, EasyJet had withdrawn from the discussions. China Eastern Airlines has expressed an interest in Alitalia's rescue plan and could invest up to €100 million in exchange for a 10% stake following the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Rome. Reuters quoted Delta Air Lines as saying that it was willing to invest in Alitalia but that a 10% stake was the best way.

The Fleet:

Airbus A321, Airbus A320, and Airbus A319 are some of the most efficient long- and medium-haul planes in the world and regional planes like the Airbus A319. Alitalia served a total of 21.3 million passengers in 2019. There are 3,600 weekly flights to 81 destinations, including 24 Italian and 57 international, in Alitalia's 2019-2020 winter schedule. Along with Aeroflot, Aerolineas Argentina, and many other airlines, Alitalia is a member of SkyTeam.


Engineering & Maintenance is responsible for most of Alitalias performances. Alitalia's Engineering and Maintenance Department, which includes approximately 1,200 technicians, worked hard in 2019 to ensure that the entire fleet was efficient and available. Over the year, 110,000 different interventions were made to the aircraft in various parts. There are four hangars available for Maintenance at Fiumicino, Alitalia's headquarters, where most of the interventions occurred. Direct assistance is provided in 33 airports by the Department, while supervision is provided in another 60 locations.

Alitalia also provides cargo services. The cargo business has a wide variety of products to meet the needs of its customers. Carrying a wide range of Italian-made goods in passenger and charter aircraft cargo is nothing new. Alitalia handled more than 71,000 tonnes of freight. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded Alitalia the CEIV Pharma certification (IATA). An important document certifies Alitalia's adherence to the most stringent international regulations for pharmaceutical product transportation. Additionally, Alitalia's Rome Fiumicino ground handling, which is responsible for the loading and unloading of drugs from aircraft as part of the ground assistance provided to all Rome-based airlines, received the certification.

Training Academy:

Alitalia Excellence Training Facility hosts over 10,000 hours of technical training for pilots and flight attendants using high-tech simulators, safety exercises, and classroom training every year. The Alitalia Excellence Training Academy is a 2,000 square meter facility dedicated to aircrew and ground staff. Over 40,000 commercial and customer service training hours were devoted to front-line ground staff and flight crew. Alitalia trains also organize training courses for individuals and other companies, thanks to a highly qualified team of certified instructors.

Alitalia has created the Voglia di Volare programme for those afraid of flying. By getting to know the aircraft and crew and the technical and psychological aspects of flying, over 3,000 people have overcome their fear of flying since 1997. More than 90% of participants began or resumed flying regularly. People who have never taken a flight and those who are apprehensive about flying will benefit from the seminar.

The Sabre Technology:

Italian airline Alitalia has chosen Sabre technology to help drive its newly announced Reinventing Alitalia modernization programme. The long-term agreement with Sabre includes the migration of all critical airline operations, including the SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service (CSS) passenger reservations system.

Alitalia will work to become a customer-first airline by utilizing Sabre's extensive retailing technology suite to provide its passengers with a radically different and personalized travel experience. To meet its 2017 revitalization goal, Sabre's solutions will help the carrier identify new revenue and cost-saving opportunities.

Alitalia is being re-imagined. This is a major, multi-year undertaking, and technology will be a crucial component of its accomplishment. Sabre is a trusted name in the industry and has the broadest range of products available. Their integrated technology will transform our operations, which gives us a single view of our operations and results in a better customer experience and loyalty.

Alitalia is a major airline in Europe with a promising future and a thirst for cutting-edge technology. Sabre is thrilled to be working with Alitalia and looks forward to identifying ways to boost revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. As part of our partnership, we'll find new ways to delight passengers and customers so they'll keep returning. As a result of this agreement, Sabre's European presence grows.

With Sabre's departure control systems to manage airport check-in and boarding, Alitalia will also use the software to manage the marketing of the airline's products, the planning of the airline's revenue management, and operational solutions for crew and airport management.

Two hundred twenty-five airlines worldwide, including most of the world's largest carriers, use Sabre's technology. Airlines can operate as they see fit and adjust their operations in response to shifting market conditions. Ultimately, Sabre's solutions help airlines overcome their biggest challenges, such as increasing revenues, cutting costs, and improving the travel experience for passengers.

ITA Airlines:

Italian flag carrier ITA Airways, which stands for Italia Trasporto Aereo, has operated for nearly two months. ITA is following in the footsteps of Alitalia, the country's former national airline, to keep Italy connected while avoiding the difficulties that Alitalia faced. There are numerous codeshare agreements because of its all-Airbus fleet, which serves both short- and long-haul flights.

A year and a half ago, October 2020, marked the beginning of the ITA Airways story. When the Italian government gave Alitalia the green light to restructure under the new ITA brand, the country's flag carrier was able to return to profitability. It started flying in October, using planes inherited from its predecessors. As its fleet expands, it has also placed new orders with Airbus.

The final few years of Alitalia's existence were marked by uncertainty, especially regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After Etihad withdrew its support for the airline in 2017, it was put up for sale and entered administration. The Italian government took over ownership of the property after a three-year search for a buyer failed.

Renationalizing Alitalia, which had already been state-owned until 2009, despite having previously ruled it out. COVID-19, on the other hand, was deemed a threat to the airline's survival, prompting the move. Just seven months after taking over Alitalia in March 2020, the government gave ITA permission to restructure as ITA.

Several Alitalia assets were reportedly acquired by ITA soon after the brand was created. When the time came to replace the national airline, it was able to inherit some of its routes and aircraft. Airbus jets were the only planes that ITA Airways used to begin service on October 15, 2021. Several aspects of Alitalia's operations have been absorbed by the new airline, including Alitalia's participation in the SkyTeam alliance. The Pope's official airline, Alitalia, has been replaced by ITA. Earlier this month, it flew Pope Francis to Larnaca, Cyprus, fulfilling its first mission. It has already begun flying long-haul routes further afield.

The Expansion Process:

Since joining SkyTeam again, ITA hasn't wasted any time establishing individual airline alliances. That is indeed the case, as Air Malta, KLM, and Etihad Airways have already signed codeshare agreements. A codeshare agreement between ITA and Delta Air Lines was also submitted for approval last month.

Additionally, ITA is aiming to expand its fleet quickly and significantly. Following Alitalia's acquisition of the planes, it will also have new aircraft at its disposal thanks to an order for 28 Airbus A220 jets, and A350s will be available for lease in June 2022.

Reintroduction Of Alitalia Brand:

Recently, ITA Airways stated that it intends to bring back the Alitalia name to its flights starting in March of this year. It was confirmed to the Italian Parliament's Transport Commission by Alfredo Altavilla, president of ITA Airways.

While there have been no reports of an Alitalia low-cost division or ITA switching to an LCC model, Altavilla told the parliament that ITA intends to reincorporate Alitalia. The legacy operation will continue to operate under the traditional brand name. Aside from long-distance flights and intra-European flights, the use of this plane is still up in the air.

Even though it was only ordered one year ago, seeing the Alitalia brand fly in European skies would setback the European Union's competition defense authority. It would mean that Italian state contributions would no longer be permitted.

After months of claiming that ITA had paid 90 million euros to preserve the brand and prevent it from being purchased by a competitor, Alitalia Airlines always intended to use the name to integrate it into the commercial offering. Because of this, ITA's new incorporation may be linked to the company's goal of signing an agreement in time for the self-imposed June 30, 2022, deadline.

Bidders for this critical alliance can learn more about the company's results during this period of operation in February when the data room will be opened to interested parties. Some of the following digits have been left out: As Omicron approaches, 170 million dollars in losses are expected, but the situation is murky.

For ITA Airways to remain competitive, the company needs to ally, but the alliance cannot be a sham based on fictitious commercial agreements, according to Altavilla. On the other hand, ITA has decided to leave Milan Malpensa in favour of operating in Rome. An alliance could provide the necessary traction before other players exploit this weakness and consolidate in northern Italy.

Alitalia has confirmed the launch of the Malpensa-JFK flight for the summer season. Still, because of the size of ITA and the size of the market, we have to focus on the Rome Fiumicino hub to avoid wasting energy,

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the cards of Alitalia multi-city flights program still valid on ITA airlines?

Ans. MilleMiglia and its exclusive clubs are not accepted on the VOLARE programme owned by ITA Airways. Because of European Commission regulations, ITA Airways cannot have any commercial relationship with the MilleMiglia programme owned by Alitalia Loyalty SpA.

2. Will I be able to book award tickets on ITA flights using the miles I earn through the Alitalia program?

Ans. A competitive procedure to acquire the Alitalia MilleMiglia Program will not be possible due to conditions set by the European Commission for the approval of ITA Airways' business plan. If you're looking for information on how to keep track of your miles or when ITA Airways operations officially began, we recommend that you reach out to Alitalia. ITA Airways does not accept Alitalia points.

3. Can I rebook award tickets on ITA flights?

Ans. A competitive procedure to acquire the Alitalia MilleMiglia Program will not be possible due to conditions set by the European Commission for the approval of ITA Airways' business plan. If you're looking for information on how to keep track of your miles or when ITA Airways operations officially began, we recommend that you reach out to Alitalia. ITA Airways does not accept Alitalia points.

4. How to enroll in the ITA airways loyalty program?

Ans. A welcome bonus of 10,000 points will be given to new members of the flying programme if they sign up by 15 November 2021 and if they do so before the program's functionalities become available. To receive the Welcome Bonus, you must purchase at least one return flight or two one-way flights by 31 December 2021, and the points will be credited to your Member Points balance by that date.

5. How does the Volare program benefit me?

Ans. The following link provides some examples of the advantages that can be obtained by acquiring a fly programme status: Program. In the coming months, the member will be notified of all the services they are eligible for.

6. Is the gift card of Alitalia multi-city flights still valid?

Ans. It will not be possible to honour Alitalia tickets issued before ITA sales and with flight dates after ITA Airways operations have been approved by the European Commission for ITA Airways' business plan. Alitalia is the best source of additional information.

7. Is it possible to use group gifts?

Ans. ITA Airways will be unable to honor Alitalia tickets issued before ITA Airways sales or with flight dates after the start of ITA Airways operations due to conditions set forth by the European Commission for the approval of its business plan. Alitalia is the best source of additional information.

8. Do supplementary fees be added to pre assignment?

Ans. On the ITA Airways website, during online check-in, at the travel agency, at the airport, or by contacting the Customer Center, pre-assignment purchase functionality is available for an additional fee.

9. Are corporate cards valid?

Ans. Due to the conditions set forth by the European Commission for the approval of ITA Airways' business plan, the latter will be unable to obtain the Alitalia MilleMiglia Program, even through a competitive procedure. To address these concerns, ITA Airways intends to implement a modern new loyalty programme geared toward customers' needs and allows greater access to the company and its partners' offerings.

10. Does a corporate customer have access to services?

Ans. Due to the conditions set forth by the European Commission for the approval of ITA Airways' business plan, the latter will be unable to obtain the Alitalia MilleMiglia Program, even through a competitive procedure. Therefore, ITA Airways is working on a new loyalty programme that is efficient, modern, oriented to customers needs, and provides greater access to the airline and its partners' offerings.

11.Is ABC connect valid in ITA airways?

Ans. At ITA Airways, we plan to implement a new incentive programme that is modern and customer-oriented with greater access to the services provided by the company and its partners as quickly as possible.

12. What are the travel classes available in Alitalia multi-city flights?

Ans. Travel classes for intercontinental flights, international and domestic flights will be divided into three different categories in the first phase of the project.

13. What are the onboard services available?

Ans. Travel classes and anti-Covid provisions will be taken into consideration when providing services. To learn more, click on the following link: Travel Classes.

14. Are Alitalia airlines still in operation?

Ans. Italy's flag carrier Alitalia has been shut down for good after 74 years of service due to severe financial difficulties exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

15.What is the recently changed name of Alitalia airlines?

Ans. With 52 planes and 2,800 employees, ITA Airways will take over from the bankrupt Alitalia on October 15, 2021. Alitalia had 110 aircraft and 10,500 employees.

16. Are all the Alitalia multi-city flight tickets still valid?

Ans. With plans to dissolve and be replaced by a new airline, Alitalia, Italy's national carrier, has announced that it will stop issuing tickets and effectively shut down operations. A date of Oct. 15, 2021, has been set to start operations by the new airline, Italia Transport Aereo (ITA).

17. Which is the cheapest Alitalia multi-city flight route?

Ans. Book low-cost one-way flights to Bologna from Algiers. Book your return flight from New Delhi to Milan with Alitalia Airlines for the best price. You can fly to Florence from Prague, and from Malta, you can fly to Venice for a reasonable price.

18. What is the baggage allowance for Alitalia multi-city flights?

Ans. Passengers on Alitalia Airlines are allowed to check in one piece of hand luggage that weighs no more than 8 kg and one additional personal item. The baggage allowance for checked-in baggage is as follows:

●One piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 23 kilograms is permitted in economy class.

●There is no weight limit on the number of bags checked in by Premium Class passengers, but each bag must weigh no more than 23 kg.

●Passengers traveling in Business Class can check up to two pieces of luggage, each weighing 32 kg.

19. What is the baggage limit for international routes?

Ans. Alitalia Airlines overseas flights carry the same luggage allowance as its domestic flights.

20. How many Alitalia multi-city flights are available daily?

Ans. More than 100 destinations are served by Alitalia Airlines flights each day, and the airline's extensive fleet serves more than 50 countries.

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