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To face and recover from a potentially fatal challenge in anyone's life is never easy. When viewed from customer service, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, which is the driving force behind bankruptcies and mergers and acquisitions. Despite the difficulties they've faced over the years, one airline has emerged as a significant player in the industry. There are numerous additional airline-based services that they now lead the pack in. This airline, Turkish Airlines, is the one we're referring to.

Known initially as Turkish State Airlines, Turkish Airlines was created in 1933 as a Ministry of National Defense division. A year later, in 1938, it became a component of the Ministry of Public Works. A difficult period for the airline occurred throughout the late 1970s and early 1990s. An entirely new government took power in 1983 and began a major overhaul of the industry. Turkish Airlines quickly became popular after launching a nonstop service to New York City in the 1990s. Domestic markets were deregulated in 1996 as the company's capital increased. Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swissair, and Croatia Airlines have formed joint ventures to stay competitive. In the 1990s, the government-owned 98% of the company's stock, despite it being listed on a stock exchange. Prime Ministry Privatization holds 49.12 percent of the company, with 50.88 percent of the stock traded on the open market.

`The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has banned all flights from the United States to Turkey due to the 2016 Turkish coup. But a loss of 1.9 billion Turkish Liras resulted when the restriction was removed three days later. Fortunately, with the rise of tourism in the following years, they could recoup some of their losses. Turkey's flag carrier has been recognized repeatedly for the quality of its service and dependability.

The Past Memories:

Phased introductions of Douglas DC-3s and C-47s took place during 1945. In 1947, the airline began operating international flights between Ankara, Istanbul, and Athens, expanding its network thanks to the DC-3 and C-47 aircraft it had initially founded as a domestic carrier.

Soon, the airline's foreign flight destinations included Nicosia, Beirut, and Cairo. The company's significant concentration remained on residential services until the early 1960s.

After a government takeover in 1956, Turkish Airlines was renamed, taking the name Türk Hava Yollar A.O. It capitalized on 60 million roubles (TRY) IATA (International Air Transport Association) membership for Air Canada followed soon after. BOAC began providing technical assistance in 1957 after purchasing a 6.5 percent stake, which was held for about 20 years.

In Recent Years:

Several problems beset the airline in the 1980s and 1990s. When it came to customer service and delays, it gained a reputation. Between 1974 and 1983, it was the victim of seven accidents and seven hijackings. Turkish Airlines Flight 981, which crashed in Ermenonville, France, in 1974 due to a cargo door failure, caused 346 people to perish due to an aircraft design error.

In 1983, a new administration recognized the importance of THY as Turkey's gateway to the world and began the airline's transformation into a modern business. To maintain one of the world's youngest fleets, it would go on to do so. One shipper likened it to Israel's El Al when it comes to delays and security measures.

THY constructed a brand new, cutting-edge technical facility in 1984 at Yeşilköy Airport. A wide range of aircraft may be serviced by the airline, from light to heavy. According to Air Transport World, the airline's technical team comprised one-quarter of the company's 6,000 employees at the time. When the corporation was reclassified as a state economic entity in 1984, its capital was increased to 60 billion TL. Three years later, the company's capital was increased to 150 billion TL.

THY's fleet grew to 30 planes by the mid-1980s. Sixteen domestic destinations and over 30 international destinations are served by helicopter. Turkish Airlines was the country's primary source of incoming funds for a long time. Airbus A310 flights to Singapore were added to Turkish Airlines' schedule in 1986, thanks to the introduction of Airbus A310s 1985. In 1988, a route from Brussels to New York City was added.

To put it another way: according to Air Transport World, a dozen new Airbus A310 planes were a big part of why the airline lost money in 1987 and 1988. Eleven Boeing 727s and nine Douglas DC-9s were also part of the fleet. THY had 8,500 employees towards the conclusion of the decade.

Flights to North America and East Asia were made possible by purchasing five Airbus A340 aircraft with an option for five more in 1990. Three years later, in 1993, the first A340 was delivered. When the fourth plane, known as TC-JDM, went down, it became a household name in the country.

After the Persian Gulf War, the company was hit hard by the worldwide aviation crisis, and it wouldn't make money again until 1994. However, by the mid-1990s, commerce was again soaring, with North American destinations accounting for the vast majority of the increase. THY began offering nonstop service to New York City in July of the same year.

To keep up with the growing needs of the business, the corporation raised an additional 10 trillion Turkish Liras in the capital in 1995. The airline also converted three Boeing 727s to freighters during this period. There was no longer a need for the DC-9s. On $1 billion in sales, the corporation had a profit of $6 million. Turkey's high inflation made it impossible for THY to make capital improvements, even though the company was profitable.

In 1996, the domestic market was deregulated, allowing charter flights to compete more regularly. On the other hand, Larger international carriers were putting up a good fight on flights to Western Europe. To remain competitive, THY got into marketing relationships with other international airlines. From Osaka to Tokyo, the company flew with Japan Airlines in 1997 and 1998. Austrian Airlines, Swissair, and Croatia Airlines soon joined together to run joint flights.

The Brand:

A brand explores everything. It conveys your sense of self-awareness and the extent of your accomplishments. So, firms are continuously looking for new ways to get their brand in the heads of potential customers throughout the world. Turkish Airlines recently achieved a significant milestone in its efforts to raise its global brand recognition. Traveling around the world has never been easier because of the airline's roughly 200 international destinations, which they hope will draw in a broader audience.

Their firm slogan, Globally Yours, raised their profile by giving the impression that they were a media buying agency. Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines, is now a significant player in the global aviation industry because of the painstaking effort they put into developing a brand identity and because this identity stresses growth and demonstrates that they are moving forward.

The Strategy Of Turkish Airlines:

Many places worldwide can be reached in a single stop thanks to Turkish Airlines' vast network of flights. To provide the best possible service to passengers, airline staff go above and beyond to make them feel unique at every step of the journey. They delight them with little extras and ensure their journey is one to remember. Turkish Airlines' commitment to providing exceptional customer service sets it apart from its competitors.

Turkish Airlines' marketing team got together to brainstorm a campaign that would capture the company's unique personality and use it to raise awareness of the brand. With Google's support, they launched their dedicated selfie channel, a pastime that has been increasingly popular in recent years. The track was a massive hit because of its interactive nature and ability to reach a bigger audience via YouTube.

Widen Your Horizon is Turkish Airlines' new catchphrase that encourages travelers to go on new journeys with the carrier. Turkish Airlines opted to pit two of the world's greatest athletes against each other for their latest commercial campaign: Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. When it came time for dessert, the campaign's sequel, Kobe & Messi The Shootout, appeared on YouTube and was the cherry on top. In Europe, the Middle East, North America, and the Far East, 77 million people saw the ad, which increased brand recognition. The ad quickly became YouTube's most popular video.

Commercials such as this have helped the airline raise awareness of their brand by focusing on destinations other than just in-flight entertainment. It also demonstrates the company's global reach and makes its viewers grin. These aspects contributed to the ad's uniqueness and raised awareness of the company's brand to such an extent. Turkish Airlines got it right with its Selfie advertisement that propelled the brand name to the forefront of global aviation with its out-of-the-box inventiveness while creating a brand identity.

Turkish Airlines Has The Following Reasons To Choose:


On Turkish Airlines, you'll find low prices on flights to a wide range of destinations. Travel search engines can help you find the best deals and timetables for your trip. Upgrades to business class are also an option, and they're not too expensive.

The Comfortness:

Comfortable seats and extra legroom are essential while flying for long periods. Turkish Airlines is known for its superior customer service and roomy cabin. You can do so in the economy class seat if you want to sleep because it features an adjustable headrest and footrest. Those going overnight are provided a cozy blanket and a travel kit that includes a toothbrush/paste, socks, a blackout mask, and earplugs. Traveling in business class means you'll have access to extras like a reading lamp, a charging station, and an in-chair massager. Seats in business class convert to beds, making them ideal for long-haul flights.

Online verification through a mobile app or website makes it easy to get on a plane quickly. Baggage check-in and upgrading assistance are also available from travel professionals stationed in the airport.

The Hygiene Care:

To ensure their safety when working in the air, cabin personnel are provided with various PPE, including a thermometer, mask, gloves, and eyewear. Travelers are monitored by flight attendants to ensure they are following the mask-wearing requirements. Passengers are called to check in small groups due to physical distance regulations when boarding the airline.

All touchpoints in the aircraft are thoroughly disinfected after each flight. Additional HEPA filters in the plane's cabin remove 99.97% of the pollutants in the air with a specialized filtering mechanism.

Baggage And Pets:

Traveling over a long period necessitates a more significant amount of luggage. We were allowed two 50-pound check-in bags, a carry-on bag, and a purse/backpack for our trip to the United States. If you're flying with sporting goods or musical instruments, Turkish Airlines goes out of its way to accommodate you.

Turkish Airlines accepts pets onboard. Pets can be delivered to your cabin in a dedicated cage for an extra cost. To learn more about the documentation requirements for your particular pet, please visit the Turkish Airlines website.

Airport Lounge:

Assume you are a regular traveler searching for a spot to unwind before your next departure. Among the many amenities available to guests are a shower, a chair massage, Wi-Fi, conference spaces, a children's section, snacks, dinners, and cozy places to sit. Turkish Airlines is known for its high standards of service and class.

Traveling by plane? Then Turkish Airlines is the best option. There are several reasons why Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. With premium service, I've had a fantastic experience. Think of Turkish Airlines as an option for your next flight, and you'll have a pleasant experience.

The Cabin:

Business Class:

Traveling in style and comfort is an ideal combo. Priority check-in and access to an airport lounge are provided to business class travelers. With award-winning food and the newest in-flight entertainment at your fingertips, the cabin experience is transformed.

You always consider Turkish Airlines' business class service excellent, despite some of the things on the menu. Throughout the trip, the personnel are always accessible to assist passengers with their requirements, and they do so with a smile and a quick response time. As I've noticed on North American planes, there isn't a lot of small conversation here. As a general rule, Turkish cabin staff behave like those employed by Japanese and other North American airlines.

For this assessment, I will refrain from making any Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul remarks. As bad as the airport itself was in terms of infrastructure, it was a miserable place to spend several hours in the middle of the night despite some excellent meals and kind service.

Economy Class:

On short and long-haul flights, passengers can take advantage of semi-reclining seats. One can relax with the help of the footrest and the movable headrest. There are some routes where guests are given an amenity kit, and there is fine cuisine available to satisfy all tastes. Allowance for personal effects Turkish Airlines offers 20 kilograms of checked luggage and 8 kg of carry-on luggage for customers flying Economy class. Passengers in business class can bring 30 kg of checked baggage and two 8 kg bags. Here, you'll find information for passengers with additional luggage. Program for Frequent Flyers.

A wide variety of perks are available to members of Miles&Smiles, including award tickets and upgrades, as well as the opportunity to shop at the Shop&Miles store. Members can use a variety of perks, including the ability to increase their membership status and gain additional benefits like free checked luggage and access to airport lounges. For those who want to improve their membership status, Miles can be purchased. A wide selection of movies, documentaries, and even current events is available on the cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system. Indulge in a favorite album or catch a show by a well-known musician while flying. Passengers may stay in touch with friends and family while also getting some work done thanks to the constant internet connection, making it possible to send SMS and emails while onboard. Skyline, Turkish Airlines' magazine, provides customers with information about various cuisines, cultures, and hubs worldwide, making it easier for them to plan their trips.

Food And Beverages:

A Turkish Airlines business class review would be incomplete without discussing the cuisine, which is often considered the greatest in the sky. The fantastic flavors Turkish serves up in business class aren't diminished by the fact that the onboard chefs do little more than supervising the presentation and service of the food.

You always consider Turkish Airlines' business class service excellent, despite some of the things on the menu. Throughout the trip, the personnel are always accessible to assist passengers with their requirements, and they do so with a smile and a quick response time. As I've noticed on North American planes, there isn't a lot of small conversation here. As a general rule, Turkish cabin staff behave like those employed by Japanese and other North American airlines.


Like Manchester United and others, several European football clubs have chosen Turkish Airlines as their official Airline. Lionel Messi, to name just one, is one of the many well-known athletes and actors with whom the Airline has sponsored and promoted its services.

The corporation sponsored the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the 2010 FIBA World Championships. Turkey's flag carrier and the Euroleague have agreed to extend their current sponsorship relationship for five years through 2020. The Turkish Airlines Open, a European Tour golf tournament held in Turkey each year since 2013, is sponsored by Turkish Airlines, the national Airline of Turkey.

Galatasaray and FK Sarajevo wore Turkish Airline's shirts for the 2014–15 UEFA Champions League season. Since then, Turkish Airlines has continued to support Galatasaray and other Turkish clubs, including Fenerbahçe and Başakşehir, in their European campaigns. For the first time in UEFA European Championship tournament history, Turkish Airlines has signed on as a sponsor of the UEFA Euro 2016.

An airline agreement with Warner Bros. to sponsor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was revealed. A key sequence in the film takes place on a Turkish Airlines A330. Non-Transferable, a romantic comedy film produced in conjunction with several Turkish tourism businesses, was also shot that year with the help of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines has struck a sponsorship partnership with Lega Basket Serie A, Italy's top-tier professional basketball league Turkish Airlines signed a sponsorship agreement with League of Ireland First Division club Drogheda United in February 2019. Turkish Airlines and Club Atlético River Plate signed a three-year deal in August 2019 to become the Argentine sports club's primary sponsor.


Turkish Airlines' newest addition to its hospitality is the newly extended and rebuilt lounge at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, which serves as its hub city and the crossroads of global travel. The Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul, which was already a world-class facility, increased its size by almost 40% to fulfill the demands of an ever-increasing number of passengers. A second story has been added to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport's departure lounge, located in the departure area.

More than 1,000 people may now enjoy the lounge's amenities thanks to the installation of more space. Additional massage beds have been added to the facility's existing rest and shower areas, and the playground, library, billiards, and prayer room are already there. Whether it's a quiet place to unwind or a place where passengers may choose from various activities and services, the upgraded lounge has it all. When it comes to the food, the lounge is run by Turkish Airlines' catering partner, Turkish Do & Co, a firm that has won numerous honors for Turkish Airlines' in-flight cuisine. Many meals and snacks are prepared on-site by our chefs to ensure optimal freshness and flavor.

Turkish Airlines Multi City Booking - Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. When it comes to my cabin luggage, what are the maximum dimensions and weights allowed?

Ans. You can only bring one carry-on bag in Economy Class, which must measure 23x40x55 cm and weigh no more than 8 kg. A total of two carry-ons, each no more significant than 23x40x55 cm and no heavier than 8 kg, are allowed for Business Class travelers. Visit our luggage policy page for more information.

2. What does it mean when you talk about a "Known Traveler" number?

Ans. Before boarding a flight to the United States, you'll be given a confirmation number with this code.

3. What is the online check-in time?

Ans. Online check-in is available at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. The list of online and mobile check-in facilities at airports will help you determine if an online check-in option is available at the airport where your flight will depart.

4. At what time does the airport's check-in desk close?

Ans. For domestic flights, check-in desks close 60 minutes before departure; for international flights, check-in desks close 75 minutes before departure.

5. In what way are Miles earned and spent determined?

Ans. Depending on the program terms at the time of the activity that earned the Miles, you may be deducted or added Miles to your account. Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines, is authorized to determine these rules and has the authority to amend them.

6. What if I want to pay for a ticket in installments?

Ans. When using a credit card from one of our partner banks, you can pay for your ticket in installments. There are a variety of payment alternatives available to you. Please see our payment page for more information.

7. Is there any medical assistance available?

Ans. No such service is offered by Turkish Airlines. You can, however, make use of the airport's medical facilities. Visit our passengers with medical conditions or disabilities website for additional information.

8. Are the Passengers with Elite or Elite Plus status who purchase an EcoFly package ticket entitled to a free seat selection?

Ans. Free seat selection is available to Turkish Airlines' elite and elite plus members and their accompanying passengers if they have the same PNR ticket numbers.

9. On connecting flights, can I select from a variety of options?

Ans. Depending on the package you select, your connecting flight will be determined. Connecting flights does not provide the option of purchasing a different package.

10. How far in advance do I have to buy a ticket?

Ans.Up to six hours before a domestic flight's scheduled departure time, seats can be purchased for an additional fee. Seats can be purchased at the counter or kiosks if you have less than six hours before departure.

11. Is a PCR test required before I board the plane?

Ans. To leave the country, passengers need to bring all documents relating to their going towards the health department in the province where they are traveling. The application must include evidence, such as a receipt or transaction document, indicating the examination fee has been deposited to the designated account number.

12.Are the findings of PCR tests performed digitally acceptable?

A PCR test with a negative result and a sample given within 72 hours of their scheduled aircraft departure is needed for all foreign travelers over the age of 6 arriving in Turkey. The findings of digital tests are accepted, and any language can be used for the tests. This application does not apply to seafarers, truck drivers, or passengers who can file a death report for a funeral.

13. What are the PCR terms and conditions of Turkish Airlines?

Ans. The Republic requires one dose for Johnson & Johnson and two doses for other vaccinations of the Turkey Ministry of Health to meet the criteria for admittance to flight, and 14 days must have elapsed since the last dose for the vaccines to qualify.

Immunity to COVID-19 does not necessitate vaccination or PCR testing. Passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease and have had their PCR test with a positive result for at least 180 days are considered immune to it. A single immunization dose is sufficient for our travelers who have had the COVID-19 disease after a PCR test with a positive result has passed for at least 14 days. This rule applies to all passengers who have reached the legal drinking age of eighteen.

The application does not include international flights with local connections. By the Turkish Ministry of Interior's Circular, travelers who do not meet the Ministry's eligibility standards will not be allowed to board a flight. For those of our passengers whose samples are received and PCR test results are positive or who do not meet the requirements to board the flight, we allow them to conduct transactions following their rights recognized by our passengers who are not allowed to board our flights by the circular published by the Turkish government.

14. Is a mask mandatory during the flight?

Ans. It is required to wear a mask at the airport, on the plane, and while in the air. Medical masks are the only good disguise. As disposable surgical masks need to be replaced every four hours, you should have enough masks for your trip.

15. Is there a difference between domestic and international cabin luggage allowance?

Ans. There is a maximum of 8 kilograms of cabin baggage per passenger in economy class. In contrast, there is a maximum of two pieces of cabin baggage and a personal item per passenger in the business class.

16. What are the procedures to book Turkish Airlines Multi City Flights?

Ans. When flying with Turkish Airlines, travelers can add on as many destinations as they wish and fly to multiple places without overspending. Visit Turkish Airlines' official website to make a multi-city flight reservation. To book Turkish Airlines Multi-City Flights, follow the on-screen instructions.

●To begin, go to turkishairlines.com, the official Turkish Airlines website.

●Then, look for the reservation option at the bottom of the page.

●Your first and last name, if you know them.

●Choose from a one-way or round-trip travel or a multi city excursion.

●Choose the multi city option and click on the add flights button to add the flights that best suit your needs to your itinerary.

●Fill in the dates of departure and arrival and the number of people and cabin class.

●Choose your mileage and vouchers before you book if you want to save money on your flight.

●As the last step, click the "Submit" button, and you'll be taken to your payment page.

●Finally, make the payment that is due. After that, you'll receive an email from the airline confirming your reservation.

17. What is Turkish multi-city booking?

Ans. Using a Turkish multi-city flight booking website, you can fly around the world by making a few stops. So, rather than purchasing a roundtrip ticket from one location to another, consider making several stops.

It works when you are transported from one location to another by a Turkish airline. Instead of booking multiple one-way flights, plan multiple roundtrip flights to give yourself the best chance of securing various destinations at a single price. Travelers can use multi-city flights for layovers, many cities on the same itinerary, or even return to the same airport from which they started their adventure.

If you want to explore many different countries or continents, you might consider booking a multi-city flight instead of a one-way trip.

18. What are the benefits of Turkish Airlines Multi City flights?

Ans. If you get the most out of this service, book Turkish Airlines Multi-City. The following are some of the advantages:

You don't have to worry about booking multiple one-way or roundtrip flights. Book a Turkish Airlines Multi-City flight to save time and avoid the annoying, long layovers you previously encountered.

In addition, if you're flying large distances, multi-city is the most acceptable option for you. Multi city flights are less exhausting than sitting in airport lounges for hours on end.

Increased Numbers of Commercial Customers: When attending a business meeting in a new city or country, most people think of having fun.

19. Can we take cologne or disinfectant with us?

Ans. Disinfectants and colognes containing more than 100 ml are not allowed in the cabin. Because the cabin staff offers sanitizer, we ask passengers to refrain from carrying their own.

20. What to do with COVID-19 patient on the flight?

The Ministry of Health contacts all passengers in the same row and those in the front and back rows if the flight crew determines that a passenger is showing signs of Covid-19 during the trip. After that, the quarantine procedure is started. This guideline solely applies to Turkey; other nations follow their respective health agencies' judgments.

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